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We want to give everybody the chance to go to Koppelting, even if they don't have money. Therefore the price is not fixed. If you have less, you can decide to pay less and if you have more you can decide to pay more.

We have no financing so the costs of the conference have to be covered by your contribution, also if you are a speaker.

Note: Below applies to a regular on-site conference. For our online conferences, the costs are much lower, but any surplus proceeds will be put to good use (e.g. for maintainance and further development of the community tools supporting the Koppelting communmity), so we encourage you to pick a fee that's appropriate for the value that you will receive from attending this conference.

Part of the costs is fixed, like hiring somebody to do the video streaming and editing,  and part depends on the number of visitors, like catering. To give you an indication we have made a calculation of the avarage contribution needed per participant when there are 50 participants: 50. This, however, If you want to know what your fee is spent on, take a look at our budget estimation below.

  • location: 500*
  • breakfast and lunch during the conference: €900 (for 50 participants)*
  • tea and coffee during hackathon and conference: 100*
  • videoregistration: €500
  • costs for travel of some speakers: 500*
Costs marked with an * are only incurred when organizing physical meetings
Total for 50 participants: 2500 (50 per participant).

Of these, the catering costs will be fulfilled first. For the other costs, the fees will be appropriately divided, meaning the venue, video registration and some speakers will share in the risk of organising Koppelting.